Designing the Brown Bird Logo

Logo created for Brown Bird & Company, the place to come for easy to follow campervan build advice, full time van living and useful tips for planning outdoor adventures.

Logo development

The initial logo concept sketches for the Brown Bird logo were drawn out on an iPad Pro. I'd not had the iPad very long so found this the prefect opportunity to give it a try.

I used Abobe Draw for its uncomplicated user interface and straight forward selection of tools. Combining the Apple Pencil with a good old fashioned plastic ruler, sketching felt more fluid than using the built in straight edge tool.

Not sure I prefer the combination as much as traditional paper and pencil, though having the digital files instantly to hand was a bonus. I'll simply have to keep practicing. The results can be seen below.

Final logo design

The final logo design was taken into Adobe Illustrator and a thicker line applied. The result worked very well but the overall look and feel felt a little too harsh. I added a softer style to it by applying rounded corners and endpoints.

Logo design